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The Achilles Taktone tool is designed with leading edges that curve around a patient’s joints, muscle, and ligaments. It was created ergonomically to fit in the hands of healthcare practitioners in order to reduce muscle strain from daily use.


The leading edge of this tool is placed against the painful joint, skin, muscle, or ligament. Skin lotion or cream should be used to create a smooth contact and uninterrupted motion between the tool edge and tissue. The recommended angle of the leading edge to the surface of the tissue is 30-45 degrees. To induce an inflammatory process, the tool is pushed along the tissue with just enough speed and pressure to induce redness or pitting.


Pushing the tool in the same direction as the muscle fibers and crossing the fibers with consecutive strokes will break up scar tissue and adhesions. After the scar tissue and adhesions are loosened or broken up, the tool can be pushed in the same direction as the muscle fibers. This must be done at a slow speed and constant pressure to smooth out and force the collagen into the direction of the muscle fibers. Smoothing out the existing collagen will help the body lay new collagen in the direction of the fibers. Collagen should be laid down in the same direction as the muscle fibers to maintain the strength and elasticity in that area.


The practitioner may want to induce inflammation or break up scar tissue and adhesions in different layers of the tissue, depending on how severe the initial injury was. The following protocol can be used to determine the amount of pressure to induce these processes at various layers:


Deeper tissues require more pressure. To reach these deeper tissues, the superficial or top muscle layer must be relaxed. For more superficial tissues, the joint should be flexed or extended to keep the top tissues taught. The amount of pressure to be used should be dependent on the patient’s tolerance.

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